Monday, 12 May 2014

Production Concept Unit - Final Summary

To summarize production concept unit, I feel I could have improved my time management, as I think I spent too much time without a 100% concrete idea and was working around a concept without any real backbone to hold it up. My first concern should have been to get the concrete story in place rather than have it as an afterthought, which I did.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Production Concept - Further Plot Development

The beginning:
The story begins inside a helicopter over the South Pacific Ocean. A tropical storm begins to swell and the documentary crew on board find themselves searching for a landing zone. They observe a relatively small but densely forested island. They find a small clearing and land on the shore.

How are the drug lords trapped (rest of the story):
The pirates have been there for a short time before the documentary crew, around a week. Their rusty commandeered bulk carrier run aground in the shoals having run out of fuel. Discovering a mass of opium poppies they feel they've hit a mother load and harvest the crops regardless of their situation. There is an old WW2 Japanese Radio Mast on the island, however it's in disrepair and no longer functioning. The storm only further impedes the issue as none of the pirates can climb the steel tower during a storm. Because the pirates were unaccompanied to any nation or faction of other pirates they simply have no other means of contact.

Time scale:  Over the period of 48 hours

The Threat: The storm refuses to subside. The island is uninhabited, and so any normalized contact with the outside world doesn’t exist. The documentary crew poses the threat of discovery to the heroin operation, but provide a means to escape the island. The issue is - one helicopter – a helicopter with room for only a select few. Who is going to get chosen, and what is the process? Someone has to stay behind, but who is it going to be? In Paradise's haste to make a direct threat he shoots one of the documentary crew members upon their first encounter, the pilot. A battle for survival ensues as nobody wants to be left behind, but the pirates aren't leaving without their haul of drugs either.

What do the drug lords represent to the crew?
Sorensen feels the drug lords and the drug extraction operation will make for a fantastic award winning hard-hitting documentary about modern pirates and the drug trade, but also present the issue of having to trade themselves off for the use of a helicopter. So they also present a massive threat.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Production Concept - Other Notes

Full Story
-Where does the storyline start / how does it start
- what is the story / how are the drug lords trapped
- time period / scale of time?
- why is there a threat why can’t there escape / phone to get off
- what to the drug lords represent to the crew?

Friday, 21 March 2014

Production Concept - Further Titles etc.

As Path of The Warrior as a relatively vague title and mostly unrelated to the major plot of the series I decided it would be beneficial to find a better name. Furthering the storyline, as cocaine is a chemical process I decided it would make more sense for the drug in question to be opium, which can sold in bulk as is (according to my research). I wanted to find a name that reflects that well. A possibility is there to combine different parts of some of the potential titles I could think of. I'd particularly like to have a title that contrasts the exotic location of the story with the dark side of drugs that the narrative is based around.

Path Of The Warrior
Alternative Titles

Gift Of The Sun
Sweet Dreams
Island of Gold
Chasing The Dragon
Hero of the Underworld
Call To Arms
God Or Man
The Harvest Of Gold
Edge Of The World
The World Is Yours