Final Major Production - Cinematography Research Examples

Above are some stills from a collection of films which are inspiring the look of Wildflower, such as Blue Valentine, Requiem For A Dream, and Eyes Wide Shut as well as British Dramas like TV's Utopia and Edgar Wright's features Hot Fuzz and The Worlds End. I like the cinemagraphic style of the contrasting blues and reds or the blue to orange contrasts, which is often referred to as a "Dynamic Duo of Blue and Orange".  In theory of colour, when two contrasting colors are put together they two pop out strong, and this is why it's such a naturally good combination for film.

"The one thing you will almost always have in a film is people. Human skin runs from pale pinkish yellow to dark brown, all of which are shades of orange. The color that contrasts best with orange is blue. So you turn up the shadows to the teal end and the highlights to the orange."

"Unlike other pairs of complementary colors, fiery orange and cool blue are strongly associated with opposing concepts — fire and ice, land and sea, day and night, invested humanism vs. elegant indifference, good old fashioned explosions vs. futuristic science stuff. It's a trope because it's used on purpose, and it does something. Especially in theater orange and blue are sometimes referred to as amber and teal in this context."

If orange and cool blue both demonstrate subconscious association with opposing concepts then the contrasts between Emily who is fighting to recover a memory against Robert who is desperately trying to drown his away could be tied in with the cinematography, and this demonstrates a difference between the two of them on screen.

Final Major Production - First Cinematography Test Shots

Here are stills from the first 3 cinematography test shots I did, two showing the type of outdoor landscape and how it will be photographed, the type of colour palette we're going for and finally an image of the car dashboard to also demonstrate the darker more close up and intense shoots that I plan to compose.

Final Major Production - More Location Scouting

Additionally on a different day we scouted more locally around the Medway Towns, the riverside country park location that is depicted in the screenplay was written with this location in mind. We're both already familiar with this location but we went down there regardless to search for the best spots for filming locations as some of the terrain is a bit of a problem with equipment and multiple people on a shoot. Alongside this we wanted to plan our locations best with the direction of the power station in the distance but also plan around the sunlight / sunset which may or may not be in the most interesting direction, and could impact on silhouettes and lighting and such. Furthermore we took a trip over to Greenwich University at Chatham. Once again this is a working environment and could present some drawbacks to filming work, especially during weekdays. Additionally the grounds have a running bus route which arrives once every 10 minutes, doing a full loop round every open area on the grounds, and this could cause significant noise in the audio recordings. However there is a nice amount of greenery on the campus there and the old Medway-esque buildings fit in with the style aesthetic of the film. Also, this is closer to our Riverside Location and is only a short walk from the train station, and the bus route arrives there every 10 minutes our contributors and crew would be able to access the location easily, and there is ample parking in and around the location including the retail outlet centre across the road should there not be adequate parking.

Final Major Production - Location Scouting and Stills

In the summer months myself and Lizzie decided it would be wise to scout for locations early on. This way if the script was written with specific locations already in mind it would be much easier to visualise and plan our location shoots ahead of time, and scenes could be written to play on the strengths and limitations of each specific location. We traveled to Tonbridge, Ashford and Maidstone to search for locations for our psychiatric hospital. We went to Tonbridge School but found that because it is a working school their may be significant drawbacks and limitations to how, when and were on the grounds we could shoot, alongside this the school is run on Saturdays and is residential, so the grounds are always busy. Furthermore it is a grandiose location and maybe too grand for a local psychiatric hospital. We went to Ashford to a place called Eastwell Manor, however this was a quite a distance (relatively speaking) from where we would like our base of operations around Medway. The location was very filmic but once again is a working hotel and tea room which is open 7 days a week from morning to evening, leaving little room for manouver, and we couldn't exect them to accomodate us and cause issues for their patrons. Finally St. Andrews Park in Maidstone behind the hospital is a fantastic public space, and the building is in fact an old psychiatric hospital. This would be a fantastic location and is probably the most feasible, from a production perspective it is a quiet and open area, with a genuine old psychiatric hospital as its focal point. It also looks very filmic and from a DOP perspective there are not too many trees that would interfere with the light, as it's a fair distance from the main road sound should also not be an issue as there is little ambient traffic noise there.

Final Major Production - Basic Overview Of Roles etc.

As we started yesterday I felt it was necessary to now begin to start updating my blog regarding the final major production. For this final unit I will be collaborating with Lizzie Glaister (https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=7553156853415113721#editor/target=post;postID=3440200954481140649). I will be co-producing with Lizzie and working as the Director of Photography, as well as editing the finished product. Lizzie is producing, directing and writing.

Our short film is entitled Wildflower, a 20-30 minute short following the story of a young woman named Emily, who after a violent hit and run loses her memory, and finds herself in a rehabilitation center with no real sense of identity. We've been steadily developing the project since the end of June of this year, so the 4th draft of the script is complete. Though I am not writing the screenplay, I have been closely helping to develop it with Lizzie, and it is a project developed by both of us.

As part of my role as Director of Photography I have invested in some new equipment which I will photograph and share with you on this blog in the coming days, as it is far easier to represent the equipment I have made with pictures than words. Some of the equipment includes a ZOOM Mic, a Black Magic Cinema Camera, and a rig system. I've also invested heavily in some carry cases and general maintenance products to improve the workflow during our production so that things can move forward at a relatively decent pace. Because I purchased a new camera this means we will be able to run a multi-cam setup, however this means that we will have to be on point with our clapper syncing and audio syncing. I plan to hire out one of the XDCAM's from the store as well because of their much higher capability audio recording systems, as the smaller cameras use the smaller "mobile" standard audio jacks and there is a lack of good quality microphones that use those inputs, unlike the higher quality ones that use the XLR inputs on the XDCAMs.

Production Concept Unit - Final Summary

To summarize production concept unit, I feel I could have improved my time management, as I think I spent too much time without a 100% concrete idea and was working around a concept without any real backbone to hold it up. My first concern should have been to get the concrete story in place rather than have it as an afterthought, which I did.

Production Concept - Further Development of Title Sequence

Further development of the title sequence was completed today.

Created using Red Giant Psunami plugin for After Effects which can simulate water. Using the PSD file I had already created for my